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A Secret Weapon For ceesdekker.net

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Rotary motion of DNA rotors on nanopores. Top rated row: raw online video in the Cy5 channel of each and every rotor. Middle row: corresponding one-particle localization benefits of each finishes in the DNA rotors. The posture of the present frame is marked as orange and blue dots, plus the trajectory of the 10 frames in advance of the current body is shown as stable lines.

Reconstitution of ultrawide DNA origami pores in liposomes for transmembrane transport of macromolecules

The next article content are merged in Scholar. Their combined citations are counted only for the initial short article.

I can hardly visualize how I, to be a geneticist, would be capable to understand basic physics, let alone compete at the best. How did you go over it?

De sterke polarisatie in de discussie rond schepping/evolutie en meer algemeen rond geloof/wetenschap lijkt helaas geen eind te kennen. Toch is er wel degelijk een heilzame middenweg, maar deze krijgt over het algemeen weinig aandacht. Dit boek kan hier wellicht verandering in brengen. Wie de geschiedenis van de relatie tussen geloof en wetenschap in duikt, komt tot verrassende inzichten. De moderne mens leeft met veel stereotypen die historisch niet verantwoord blijken te zijn. Afgezaagde typeringen als ‘Vroeger dachten we dat de

Cornelis (Cees) Dekker (Haren, 7 april 1959) is een Nederlandse natuurkundige en universiteitshoogleraar verbonden aan de Technische Universiteit Delft. Van 2010 tot en satisfied 2018 was hij tevens directeur van het Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft. Zijn vakgebied is de moleculaire biofysica; hierbij beweegt hij zich op het grensvlak van de natuurkunde en de biologie waarbij hij gebruikmaakt van de zogeheten nanotechnologie, de technieken om aan enkele atomen en moleculen te kunnen meten.

We use nanofabricated microfluidic buildings to sample spatial boundaries for micro organism and biomimetic cees dekker vesicles with reconstituted protein networks which assess the elemental function of spatial confinement in the molecular and cellular amount. Our jobs involve the subsequent:

Case in point (1) of bending configurations in 3D simulations of DNA rods on nanopores. A part of the membrane is shown in grey, the rim of the pore is highlighted in purple, along with a 3D rendering with the motion on the DNA rod is exhibited.

Let's say, as opposed to using regular best-down silicon electronics, transistors could be created from the bottom up working with single organic and natural molecules because the switching features? This idea, which turned the basis of nowadays’s field of molecular electronics, initially emerged within the seventies.

Resolving the stage dimension in condensin-driven DNA loop extrusion identifies ATP binding as the step-building method

‘The concept that You can find such a factor being a starting, a major bang, is already an interesting signpost to take into account that there was a creator. But extra generally, and on the basis of pure rationality, I also arrive at a Christian interpretation of actuality. An atheistic worldview is actually a naturalistic worldview: basically, you will discover only atoms and purely natural forces that we can evaluate.

Later on we spoke all over again briefly simply because Dekker felt that our discussion of his religion promptly turned purely philosophical, whereas In addition, it concretely will help him in his get the job done.

Let’s initial search back again at this time after you decided to change your focus from superconductivity and nanotubes to biology at the end of the 1990s.

The biophysicist from Delft – who is Just about the most cited scientists in the Netherlands for years – usually takes his accountability to lead towards the explanation and popularisation of his work within the border of physics and biology particularly significantly and routinely appears from the media; if not to talk about his do the job, then about the connection in between science and his Christian religion.

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